Lovin’ the FiOS

As a former cable company employee (for over 8 years), our home has had every TV service imaginable.  We’ve also been a longtime DirecTV home for NFL Sunday Ticket with HD service too.

We have 2 60″ HD tubes and a couple SD TV’s scattered through our home.  Believe me, we love TV.  We watch everything.  We DVR everything.  HD is our crack cocaine.  Why else would we watch Smithsonian television?!

We feel qualified to make the following assertion: There is no better TV service than Verizon FiOS.

Here’s our short list “why”:

  1. There’s over 90 HD channels.  Dad stays in HD all the time!
  2. Fiber direct to the house brings a digital signal for every channel.  Even when you do venture away from HD for the USS Ronald Reagan special, the picture is still great.
  3. The channel lineup makes sense.  Sports are with sports.  News is with news.  Searching content is natural.
  4. FiOS has lots of cool channels cable wouldn’t touch with a 10-ft pole.  Take for instance, RFD-TV, or Rural America’s Most Important Network.  Anything you could ever want to know about beef cattle can be found here.
  5. I’m also a big fan of the gadgets.  You can access your DVR online and from your mobile device.  You can send pictures from your mobile device or home PC network to your TV.  There are social media widgets too.
  6. For the standard TVs, they are linked to a media center via wireless network so DVR programs can be viewed anywhere in the home with a TV.
  7. Verizon has made it very easy to access your account online and control your experience without calling an agent.  Try managing your content online with a cable provider.
  8. Speaking of agents… customer service has been great to date.  Whether it’s via phone, chat window online, or the personnel coming to the home, everything has been top notch!

Now only if we can convince them that Net Neutrality is a good thing!

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