Long Distance Pork Off

I’m having pork envy after Mr. Artley weighed in this afternoon through email.  His spare ribs look absolutely magic.  Can you overnight me a couple to tuck under my pillow?

Spare ribs going in the smoke

Glad to hear from you my friend.  Shoot us another photo with the family chowing down later.

At three hours in my picnic is starting to look friendly.  The skin is pulling away from the meat.  The juice is visibly oozing from the ends and falling into the pan.  The temp has stayed right at 250.  I’m on target to have this thing out of the smoke in another 3 hours or so.

Picnic after three hours in a Weber Kettle

I made the run to the market to complete the menu:

– Snap peas with red potatoes with some pork belly for flavor
– Collard greens (can’t believe I found them and they are sub par) with vidalia onion and more pork belly
– Fresh Mid-West corn that I’ll roast in the husk over flames after I pull the pork

Desert still remains to be determined.  I forgot the angel food cake and whipped cream to go with the fresh strawberries.  Another run to the store is desperately needed to complete that course.  Hale is worked into a baking frenzy however as she has aspirations to make banana nut bread from scratch.  The girls are also baking cookies to take to neighbors.

I’m starting to get thirsty.

More to come on this marvelous Independence Day…

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