It’s Summer Time

It’s great to be in St. Louis where in the summertime one little rain shower can cause a colossal wreck and knock out power for a couple of blocks to include the office.  YES!  It’s the second time to happen this year.  The power outage apparently tripped some kind of circuit and the power company came through our building to tell everyone to get out.  O…K…

Bueller.  Bueller.  Bueller.  I feel like Ferris but my play time started at 2pm today.  Hey, you know I’m a multitasker.  I was buying two racks of baby backs in Straub’s, drove home, and rubbed them down all while actively participating on a conference call.  Oh I’m good.  Then after the ribs were rubbed and in the fridge I responded to email while enjoying cold beverages of my choice in the LAN Pub.

PTI was on the tube preceding the Michael Vick story.  I’m glued to this spot awaiting the helicopter shot of Vick running from police down I-85 in Atlanta.  I can hear the announcer now: “oh check out the spin moves while Vick avoids two Fulton County Sheriff tazer blasts.”  Vick won’t be in the white Ford Bronco.  He’ll be outrunning it.

Rush is airing on LAN radio.  Have I mentioned how great the new album is?  I love it.  Great flow.  Musically wonderful.  I truly think Rush gets better with age.  The only bummer is that those guys will croak before I do.  But while they are playing I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Only one more month to go until their show here in St. Louis.  Which reminds me to arrange transportation.  I want to act responsibly that evening.

The other big event in our lives right now… and in the “Don’t let the bastards get you down” column… is a little case of fraud.  Someone somehow got a hold of one of my credit card numbers and ordered a computer from QVC to send to Joe Hillbilly in West Virginia.  Fortunately for me QVC is so awesome with their security that they telephoned me to confirm the order.   We’ve begun to lock down everything and are monitoring.  But it certainly has caused some stress.  Today I’m looking at it as another curve that life throws at you.  We’re certainly not at the end of the world.

The ribs hit the grill somewhere in the 4 o’clock hour.  I’m figuring they’ve been on now for going on two hours.  They most likely have about another one to two at the current temp which is flatlining at 240.  I used my butt rub rub (refer to July 4 post).  The rub was only on the ribs for about two hours but still should provide a nice brown crust.  We have some southern style baked beans, red potato salad, tomato and cucumber salad, and some wheat rolls to compliment the pig.  All are deli items as this afternoon was a gift.

Speaking of BBQ, I can’t help think that my blog is the cause for Smokin’ Al’s to win the reader’s choice of best BBQ in St. Louis.  After all I did find it many months ago and started yapping about it.  Heck I took a native Louian to Smokin’ Al’s for their first time and it went over like gang busters.  Keep up the work Al!  I’ll hit the BBQ review trail once we get settled in some more here at LAN.

Settling in is going swell.  The house is starting to come together.  The office and bedrooms are still a disaster but Tracey has been out and about letting the dollars fly into the local economy.  Slowly but surely we’re getting organized.  My favorite place in the house has to be the pub.  It has certainly replaced any out of home Pub in the area and as you can see from the previous picture the fridge is always stocked with just about anything you could desire.

It’s a good thing too because vacation is over.  The players report in just a few short weeks on the Plains.  I’ll be writing another “get a hold of ourselves/come to our senses” column again on the eve of our 9/1 game with Kansas State.  But I’m overjoyed that the coaches are already on the clock.  War Eagle!

And another War DAMN Eagle right back at cha!  Buenas Noches web land.

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  1. “The only bummer is that those guys will croak before I do.” I know how you feel. Imagine how old I feel knowing that two of the Beatles are gone…and that it’s been almost 27 years since John died in December of 1980. Wouldn’t Lennon have been a great old geezer? We’re missing a lot of memorable sound bites. RIP, John and George…RIP.

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