It’s Gameday

It’s gameday for the deep south’s oldest rivalry.  I think this is our 111th meeting or something like that.  I could read the game prep more but hey you don’t read these lame postings for football knowledge.  I’ll attach the game notes here and we all can get up to speed on the facts.
One confession: I’m recording the game on the DVR today.  I know.  Bad omen cancels out the good omen from earlier this week.  This is a class weekend.  At kickoff local STL time I’ll be neck deep in financial statement analysis.  To top it all off there’s a spouse reception at school today after class is over too.  Tracey and I won’t make it home until the game has been decided.  I have both DVRs set to record just in case.

I’ve also been concerned about the CBS coverage.  I hate CBS games because the announcers rarely know enough about the teams to call the game, constantly missing pronunciations, getting names wrong, forgetting the histories, and just plain making dumb comments.  In a series this storied I anticipate plenty of dumb comments.  Of course because it’s in Athens CBS will be showing plenty of great Georgia players and plays from past games.

CBS isn’t in HD here either.  The CBS affiliate wants the local cable provider to pay for the HD signal.  Don’t get me going on that one.

If you’ve payed attention I’ve attempted to bring back some of the great Auburn victories of recent memory.  There are links to the 1993, 1999, 2004, and 2005 game recaps.  I also posted some of the Jim Fyffe calls on the older games.  If I had the time I could make a killin’ going back and securing the archived content from past games.  It’s hard as heck finding photos and news articles much past 2000.  Most stories are archived with no pictures.  Someone could make some dough by offering the news articles with pictures and other media.  Think about all the teams with loyal alumni and fans who would pay for that content…

Anyway… I’m off to class.  I’ll perhaps check in mid-day with another highlight or two to get you ready for the game.


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