I’m Starting to Smell Pig

I’m not sure at what point on Saturday I will find my way into the bourbon but certainly know it may be earlier than what I need for it to be.  I’m missing Dixie so much that the onset of football has me lathering for a couple of ice cubes in a glass in my sleep.
Auburn kicks-off its 2007 season next Saturday 9/1 at home against Kansas State.  Hey, the game may get some coverage here locally given it’s a Big 12 opponent.  The Big 12.  The Big 10.  Wow, allot to look forward to in the local press.  I thought that living in an ACC state was bad but at least people were passionate and could associate with a SEC fan.  I don’t think anyone in Missouri has even seen real football.  Here in Missouri they would rewrite the rules so that the ball was white leather with red stitching.
I was elated to see the front of my morning paper today, “Special Football Preview Section.”  Now keep in mind that if I were in Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Nashville, or even Lexington (and all points between) that copy would primarily mean extensive coverage of all SEC teams with a conference-by-conference look.  Secondarily it would include a write-up on each NFL team. Today my excitement turned to laughter while reading that this could be the year for Missouri.  The year, you have to understand is an 8 win season with a shot at making the conference championship game.  I’m glad that they high aspirations here in the Big 12.
Of course there’s the Rams.  I’m trying to read up on the Rams.  I’m wanting to become a fan.  Hell, I even considered (all of three seconds) buying a 5 game package.  But look at who they play.  Look at those god awful uniforms.  They play inside in a dome.  This isn’t real football.  Real ball is played in grass, mud, rain, snow, ice.   I am close enough to Chicago to drive up for a Bears game in December however.
Then there’s the town.  There was a glimmer of hope weeks ago when the Cardinals looked like they were out of it.  The local paper was starting to hype Rams training camp a little.  But now all of sudden the Cardinals may have a shot.  There’s so much red around town you would think they were Cornhuskers.  Nope, its just baseball.
Of course the headline this morning in the paper on the Rams was Marc Bulger saying “Don’t panic,” in his response that the Rams first team offense has only scored 3 points in the entire pre-season.  Geez if you look at Bulger’s numbers alone there’s a big fat mirror.  If I’m a Rams fan, I’m panicked.
But my Tigers are under the radar screen.  Maybe I should save my predictions for Saturday.  Wonder what they’ll be?  The last two times AU was under the radar and had fifth year seniors starting at QB they went undefeated (2004 with Jason Campbell and 1993 with Stan White).  Hmmm.
Three first time starters on the O’Line tell me this can’t happen again.
Road games at, let me repeat that… at… Gainesville, Athens, Fayetteville, and Baton Rouge tell me this can’t happen again.
But the Tigers on the Plains are loaded in the backfield.  The defensive line is senior.  Our corners are solid and although the linebacker corp has limited depth, the starting three are solid.  Trey Blackmon may be the best LB talent since Takeo Spikes, maybe better to come out of AU.So I’m excited.  But realistic.  I didn’t think 11 wins last year was possible.  Actually 13-0 was almost achievable.  But that’s why they play the games.
And then there’s bammer.  Nick sell’em out Saban.  He’ll do everything it takes to beat Auburn in AU.  But then again bammer does that every year supposedly.  So I wonder where this one goes.  My hope for bammer is that they win every game then come to the Plains to get blown out.  Nick “the bear” Saban goes from hero to Bill Curry, quick.Of course if bammer loses every game that would be nice too.  My two favorite teams are Auburn and anyone who plays against bammer.

War Eagle!  See you at the end of the week.

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