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Her First Rock Concert: Nickelback

Taylor got in her first rock concert last week at age 15 (excuse me 14); Nickelback at Scottrade Center.  We’re a little late in getting up a post because I couldn’t make up my mind on what to write and was waiting on a local review of the show to help.  I can find no local review.  Hmm…

I know.  I know.  It’s Nickelback.  What is there to write?

Will I be crashing servers to buy their music?  No.

Will I be following every twist and turn of their tour?  No.

As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Taylor, there wouldn’t be a care in the world for this band.  In hindsight, they are pretty lame. Actually, reading the review from the Post I categorize this band as just another whored out marketing band doing anything a label rep tells them to get their booze paid for.  Good Bill Hicks material.

There wasn’t anything done in their show not already done by bands that came before them.  Drinking on stage and boasting inebriation? Done. Showcasing a monster boob bra thrown on stage to the audience? Done.  Dropping so many F bombs that Sadam Husein is shuttering in his grave?  Done.  Flirting with jail bait in the audience? Done.

You get the picture.

It was a great show.

Ok, so the highlights…

  1. Shinedown.  The Jacksonville, Florida band totally took me by surprise in the opener.  Their music is kind of a cross between thrash metal, grunge, southern rock, and blues.  The singer has tremendous range.  The guitar solos had a familiar sound, almost Neal Schon feel to them.  When I looked the band up and discovered their southern rock ties I quickly understood.  Good stuff.
  2. Fire! Beavis and Butthead would have messed their shorts.  Nickelback is a big believer in fire.  There were explosions, fire balls, and shooting flame in almost every song performed.
  3. Covers.  The band came out to the center of the arena for some up close and personal time with the fans.  What seemed like improvisation turned out to be staged but never the less, Garth Brooks’ “Friends and Low Places” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” got the fans worked into a randy lather.  The fans would not stop singing the Journey tune.

Overall Nickelback was a good time.  It was money well spent to take the teen to her first show.  Taylor actually earned the ticket as a reward for getting her Algebra grade up. I’m sure she’s hooked now – no going back. To good Algebra grades, right?

Note to self before taking the teen to her next show: read the band’s lyrics first.  It may have been useful to know more about songs like “Something in Your Mouth” and “Figured You Out” before listening to my 14-year old daughter sing along note for note.  I could have gone without that even if I have those for use at my next NASCAR tailgate.

Some more pics below…


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