Happy Thanksgiving

We’re up and on our way to Thanksgiving 2007.  The girls and I gave the bird her spa treatment yesterday and she’s mellowed overnight in her bath.  I have the fire going outside and we’re about an hour or so away from placing the bird in the smoke.
The refrigerator is packed with all the ingredients for the fixins.  The wine is resting in its rack.  The cats are salivating at the thought of getting some handouts.

There’s no change to the menu from last year.  I think we’ve hit our stride for Thanksgiving meals.  There will be a few exceptions.  Hale wanted green beans and regular mashed potatoes instead of the candied sweet potatoes from last year.  Those have been added although in smaller amounts to supplement Hale’s craving.

The baked goods are not from the Bittersweet Bakery in Staunton this year but a little bit of Virginia will be on the table, and a very special little bit of Virginia at that – more on that in a minute.  I did manage to survive the traffic and pick up some rolls, a pumpkin pie, and coffee crumb cake for breakfast from MacArthur’s Bakery.  MacArthur’s was recommended to me and is supposed to be the real deal so I’m looking forward to sampling.

But I’m most proud of that little bit of Virginia making its way to our table today.  Mr. Artley had emailed me earlier this week and asked for my home phone then called to tell me that a brown truck with a man in a brown suit would be delivering an item.  I had no idea what on earth it could be.  So imagine my surprise when I got home yesterday to find this large box on the kitchen table.

Enough suspense.  A consortium of bar patrons conspired to have the fair maiden at the Pullman Restaurant in Staunton bake a pecan pie for me this Thanksgiving.  The recipe comes from Kate’s grandmother and it’s totally legit homemade southern pecan pie.  I feel honored to have it on the table today and blessed to have friends thinking of us from so far away.  We miss our friends in Virginia terribly and now it’s almost like having them right at our table.

Thanks guys!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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