Happy Birthday LAN

Lazy Acres North is one year old this weekend.  I can’t believe that we’ve reached a year with this thing.  Starting out I was wondering what in the world we would share but now just about anything comes to mind.  Interesting how convergence catches up with you.

We’ve had allot of good memories over the last year, no doubt.  From the last days of a giant, to the darkest days of groveling for jobs beneath our skill set, we have had tons of things to share.  Here are some of the highlights:

Priceless Expression

My last day at Adelphia (end of days retrospective) was July 31.  I took a vacation the week previous to this Monday and had already packed my belongings and emptied out my office.  I was just in for the show and what a show it was.  About a half dozen Comcast employees were dressed to the nines scoping out the building and climbing out of the weeds.  They were mostly crammed in one office melting like Hershey’s chocolate in west Texas in mid-summer.  They came down my hall looking to branch out thinking that my wing had been vacated.  I wish I could stand in line for hours just to see their look one more time when they turned the corner to my office to find me in sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt.  Salut!


There’s no other time of year that compares to the Fall for me.  As the previous season’s postings indicate we live life to the fullest when our Auburn Tigers take the field.  I won’t forget the Florida game last year.  Actually I don’t remember much of it at all except the Tray Blackmon QB sack and forced fumble and the punt block TD.  Other than that it’s a blur.  But hey, it’s the warm fuzzies that count!  War Damn Eagle!

God Bless America

Our Christmas vacation disaster proved to me just how blessed we are here in the land of red, white, and blue.  Ah so what it was Canada!?  Those folks up there can’t cook lobster to save their life.  Actually they don’t know how to clean and select fresh lobster.  I won’t forget the adventure and neither will the rest of the troop.  It was a disaster but a family one.  We still accomplished our objective of creating lasting family memories for the holiday.

Buzz Cut

Not noted in detail on the blog was my haircut at the end of the spring soccer season ’06.  Our girls had won a couple of games but our last match was against a vastly superior arch nemesis.  Any kid on that team knows the difference between real teamwork and pretend teamwork after that game.  I recall late in the second half as our kids were tiring and were getting pushed around (the score tied at zero), our star player was knocked to the ground.  The ref called a direct kick.  I sent everyone inside the 18 and asked our star defensive player to make her way all the way into the attacking third of the field for the kick.  As she came forward I yelled at our girls, “Hey Jazz, they have no respect for you.  Take it from them right now!”  The ref issued me a warning but just moments later that direct kick resulted in our one goal – the only goal scored in the match.  Two weeks later my head was shaved and it hasn’t grown back since.

After one year, we still are crankin’ away here on Lazy Acres North.  Thanks for stopping by.  Thanks also to Tracey and the girls, Mr. Panovec and the rest of the Adelphia team, mi amigo senor Artley, and to all the crazies that make the journey fun.

Buenas Noches.

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