El Gato

For some strange reason Speedy Gonzalez is floating through our minds tonight.  Hope you enjoy the cartoon.

We’re running out of post titles:  “excuse us” “welcome back” “we’re back” blah blah blah… Here’s yet another new look for the site after we discovered just how much of a pain in the ice it is to transfer blogs over from one to another.  And we’re not done yet.

To summarize some thoughts tonight as we sip some vino:

  • Auburn.  I would love to be cocky right now.  We can’t.  It’s Georgia week and this is the first Georgia week that I can remember that we haven’t been celebrating Georgia week.  You can check out some of our feature posts of past memories of years gone by.  (Note to author: Since we’ve had this blog Auburn hasn’t beaten Georgia.  Maybe I shouldn’t be posting anything at all this week about the game?)  This year’s game is a regional telecast.  Wow.
  • Auburn II.  We have beaten Bama in the two years the blog has been up.  Next week we better make some time for some hating Tide speak.  We are pretty good at beating the Tide just when they think they have it all.  Bill Curry knows just exactly what the facts is.  1989 was special for lots of reasons.  Wonder if we’ll bag number 7?
  • 2008: It’s almost over.  Can you guess which character in the Speedy cartoon I feel like?
  • Student syndrome.  We have it big time.  There’s no time for anything anymore.  We just finished up one theme and are starting our next to the last group of classes.  Yep only two more courses and our trip to China left to go.  We’ll have the paper in May of next year.  Can’t wait!

That’s all the brain can handle this evening.  We’ll do our best to check back in.  I think you’ll figure out the functionality of the new site pretty quick.  We have lots of work to do in getting content indexed right to take advantage of the features.  We should be on top of it by the time the Turkey hits the smoke.

Buenas Noches mi amigos!

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