DMB Nationals Park July 23

We saw our second Dave Matthews Band show of 2010 at Nationals Park in Washington DC this past Friday.  It was hot, Africa Hot.  Dave commented during the show that it was cooling down.  Out of the crowd it was nice and breezy.  In the mass of General Admission nut jobs it was at least 20 degrees hotter.

Yes we had GA field tickets.  Apparently all the stadium field tickets on this year’s tour are GA.  We noted in St. Louis that there was an orchestra GA section.  We were not in it.  Rumor has it the European’s like the GA.  I’m not so sure we Sea World ticket goers like our seals to pack us in like sardines.

I lean towards a thumb down on the GA.  Tracey and Mr. Panovec were glad to be off to the side out of the rat pack.  On second review I’m not so convinced.  If the weather was actually cooler, the crowd a little older, and the opening band wasn’t country… GA might work out.  Not that we’re old farts but the younger crowd clamoring to see the Zac Brown Band was somewhat inconsiderate.

I didn’t know who Zack Brown was until this show.  Apparently they won an FFA competition or something.  The band can play.  The guy has a good voice and I have to admit I enjoyed the Rage Against the Machine cover but I’m not a convert.  I don’t buy into clever covers on a corporate cross-over sound.   Still, it was entertaining.

This DMB show wasn’t anything extra special or boring by any stretch of the imagination.  The set list featured plenty of old favorites with some of the newer stuff.  Highlights for me were “Lying in the Hands of God”, “You Might Die Trying”, “Ain’t it Funny How Time Slips Away”, “Jimi Thing”, and “Two Step”.

See, old favorites but incredible jams with Rashawn Ross and Jeff Coffin showcasing their talents.  Rashawn is having an incredible tour.  Zac Brown joined Dave on stage for the Willie Nelson cover “Ain’t it Funny”.  I thought as a whole the band sounded great.

It was nice having a little Woodside at HQ.  Panovec came up Friday morning.  We were able to get into DC in time to check in to the hotel and grab dinner at the Capital City Brewery.  We were close enough to cab it to the venue and the highlight for me of the whole weekend was the Indian cab driver complimenting me as I left the taxi, “I like the way you talk and you have a nice wife.”

The next time we leave town, more scouting will be required.  I about lost my marbles trying to figure out where to have breakfast the next morning.  And word to the wise for anyone attending anything at Nationals Park: if taking a cab, make sure you find the cab stand before you decide to leave the event.

Next up for us and DMB is the Gorge.  We’re anxiously awaiting this trip.  Ben Harper is opening all three nights.  We have planned a couple of nights of R&R in Seattle too.  The adventurous person in me can’t wait.  The responsible American in me says we should save the money.  Of course finding a person to sit with the kids is a whole other story.

Stay  tuned…

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