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Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Props, thoughts, prayers, and well wishes go out to our men and women abroad this weekend. Thank you and thanks to all that came before you to keep us going strong. Libations consumed are in your memory and on your behalf this weekend.  Salut!

We are in Charlotte this weekend, visiting the Woodside. Great hospitality and surroundings. It’s a much needed trip from Richmond to catch up on news, remember some old war stories, and do pretty much nothing.

I pulled in Friday night after a 4 hour drive down to a bundle of cold Oberons. After a solid breakfast at Zada Jane’s Saturday we stocked up on beverages and food for today’s cookout. There are a couple of rib-eyes, wine, and plenty of veggies laying in wait for us later today.

We drove over to Monroe to drop in on Big Bob Gibson’s.  Well… here’s a quote from an email I sent in to management:

I read a book not too long ago about BBQ, not as a business but as a passion.  If you guys are looking to create a larger retail channel for growth, you may first want to establish a strong value system and brand strategy and implicitly follow it.  If this store had not had your name and logo on it, I wouldn’t be taking the time to provide feedback.

Yea, not what we expected.  And actually if this store was in St. Louis, I would be embarrassed to have referred many a friend to the Big Bob’s.  This isn’t the real Big Bob’s from Decatur, Alabama.

Last night we started the evening at the Thomas Street Tavern.  It has a local neighborhood social club feel and now featuring Fat Tire on tap.  Cool place with a outdoor bar in the rear, ping pong tables, corn-hole courts, picnic tables, etc.  Good people watchin’!

Cantina was the host for our meal.  Weird service at the bar but good food and nice tequila selection.  The “authentic” menu used more “local” dictionary and cast of characters.  A kicked up cole slaw was served with my Filet Tacos.  Good times though.  Not many complaints.

Afterwards we had decided we would cruise downtown for the NASCAR Speedweeks.  Not because we wanted to surround and immerse ourselves in everything NASCAR but because there are supposedly some cool bars and pubs in the area.  We first hit a place called Blue, which is a Jazz club.  I’m sure it’s a rockin’ place but not during NASCAR events.

Clint BlackThe Irish pub Connely’s had a cover charge so we passed and instead opted for a AB product to walk the street.  Who would have guessed we would walk right into a Clint Black concert?  We did.  More great people watchin’, particularly at 11pm in the evening.  The highlight was Clint playing drums for what we believe was a Steely Dan cover.  NASCARs.  AB beverages.  Clint Black.  Rednecks.  Lots of gold chains and Yankees hats.  A Steely Dan cover.   Getting the picture?

We’ve had a great lazy morning.  Tim’s got a great house in a ultra quiet neighborhood.  Coffee, Sunday Morning, and now the Indy pre-race working here at the HQ.  We’re stepping out for a quick lunch and race viewing before prepping dinner back at the house.

Hope your holiday weekend is running well.  Best wishes to all.

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