Bye-You Thoughts

Yesterday’s pre-game post may be my last attempt to predict games.  Wow, was I off.  The Mizzou win may cause Dierberg’s to make Tiger cookies this month and next.  I can’t believe it… after we move away!  Ah, imagine Tiger cookies made out of that sinful gooey butter cake they like in St. Louis.  Child please!

So the Sooners went down last night. Georgia may be convincing me they are salvaging their season by beating Kentucky.  Florida will have something to say about that in a week.  The game in Knoxville was close for one quarter but the bammers are looking like they are focused again.  I did get the Big 10 match-up in Iowa right, although I had a 50/50 chance.

I’m extremely thankful that I was wrong on the Tiger Bowl.  I was hating my prediction all the way until Onterio McCalebb broke his 70-yard TD run.  At that moment I realized Auburn had it in the bag.  Our defense was dominant and Les Miles’ luck was running out.  Even if LSU could have managed a tie in regulation, Cam Newton and Co. would not have been denied.

If you have some time to read history from the losing team’s perspective head over to  LSU was a team looking for respect after winning a few close games to date.  They were giving it after surrendering over 400 yards rushing to Auburn.  Said one unnamed LSU defender after Cam Newton’s 49-yard TD run, “that guy’s for real.”  Hats off to LSU for the props.  Rest up and Beat Bama!

It surely looks like the day after Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a game for all the marbles.  IF both teams win out and carry their current loss record into the game, the match-up will be for the SEC West title not to mention the favored line to a BCS Championship opportunity.  Even an Auburn loss in Tuscaloosa could land the Tigers in the Sugar Bowl.

There is a lot of football left to play.  Alabama will travel to Baton Rouge to play LSU in a few weeks.  Certainly the Tigers will have figured out some offense by then.  I like LSU’s chances.  Their defensive style of play matches up well against the Tide.  A LSU win will virtually hand Auburn the West.

Auburn still has a few SEC games before Tuscaloosa.  A scrambling QB at Ole Miss could pose some challenges next week.  Last night Lou Holtz reminded the Bama/Tennessee halftime audience: “eh, eh, eh Georgia…” plays Auburn.  It was very Lee Corso-esq.  I don’t care what Georgia’s record will be, that will be a big game in Auburn next month.

All these big games have me on edge.  After the 1993 Iron Bowl I immediately left the stadium, went home and turned on a movie.  I was so glad it was over.  The wonder, speculation, and suspense of the season’s outcome was a lot for me to manage.  I’m not a student this time around but it feels kind of the same from our humble couch here in Richmond.  Each week the Tigers find ways to win leaving us hoping the next Saturday is tomorrow.

I hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we are.  War Eagle!

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