Bullet Points

Greetings in the New Year.  Yea, new year.  Happy New Year.  We just woke up.  Did Auburn beat Oregon?

Greetings from San Francisco.  Business travel for a trade show has me motivated to get a quick post out.  My 1 unique visitor a day has been sending brain wave death threats and won’t stop singing “feelin’ fly like a G6”.  So I offer some bullets to get 2011 ramped up:

1) We’re alive.

2) We haven’t smoked any pig lately.

3) I do own a Auburn National Champ coffee mug and 4 pint glasses.

4) Bieber fever has nearly passed.

5) I have fallen in love with Anchor Steam.

6) I’m pissed I missed Grace Potter last night.

7) I’m working on three mixes.

8) War CAM Eagle!

9) Auto dealers rock!

10) I now have my father’s fingers.

11) I miss traveling to far away places.

12) I miss Nancy Artley’s Bloody Mary.

13) Viva Le Bill Hicks.

14) If I won the lottery I would buy new shoes, and lasers for the cats.

15) San Fran rocks NY any day.

16) I can almost smell the lower pond at Lazy Acres.  The dusk is approaching, sun going down behind the back mountain ridge, winged insects are bouncing off the calm waters. It’s about 68 degrees with thick humidity, a cloud of moisture hangs over the land.  The cows are in the lower 40 but their sounds are in the distance; grazing, calls, tails whipping can be heard in the wind.  Whippoorwills randomly sing to signal the end of the day.  It’s about time to pack it in.  Mim-Maw will have dinner ready soon and she’ll want me to take my muddy boots and jean pants off in the laundry room.  “God I hope I didn’t spill fuel on anything or I’ll hear about it for days,” I tell myself.  Buttermilk biscuits, greens, chops, and iced sweet tea are on the table.  I’ll have to feed the horses around 9.  Star gazing is on the agenda.

Star gazing is on the agenda.


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