Bowling Recap

Now that the Bowls are over and the college football season is officially over I want to thank all the media guys and girls for making me look like a genius again. Yep I’ve been saying all along that the national title game is made by the media for the media and this year was certainly proof as Ohio State was the proclaimed champ that couldn’t possibly lose at the beginning of the season and the SEC champion was the “underdog” in the BCS title game.
Pat Forde stated in his game recap that “Rarely has Las Vegas and almost every member of the sports media — my moronic self emphatically included — been this wrong.” Well Pat I would disagree. You miss it almost every year. Not only this year were you way off but in 2004 you were way off and you were also off when you made USC number one in the media poll while LSU won it on the field in the BCS game years previously. Actually any year you make a team number one before any game has even been played, you’re way off.

There’s only one explanation for the OSU loss last night even though many in the media are blaming that 50+ days without practice. Jarvis Moss, the defensive end for Florida put it in perspective after the game by saying, “We played a lot better teams than Ohio State this year. I can name four or five teams in the SEC that would compete real well against them.” Thanks to Ivan Maisel for printing that quote and thanks to Jarvis for the props.

Of course Kirk Herbstreit expressed his shock in his post game comments on ESPN, “this is a different Florida team than we saw all year!” But yet again Mr. Media what you and just about every other member of the press covering sports fail to realize is that the SEC is the most competitive conference in America. Florida’s competition was tougher during the year and yes, after you change your underwear you’ll realize that OSU and the Big Ten really aren’t that tough after all.

Now to a couple of specific game comments:

BCS Title Game: It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger
With Florida’s dismantling of OSU I couldn’t help wonder what might have been for my Tigers and the announcers were kind enough to point out Florida’s only loss was to Auburn. The plug was great and even better was Auburn winning the Pontiac Game Changing Performance for the season with their blocked punt for a touchdown over Florida. That should aid recruiting, maybe. Congrats to Florida!

Sugar Bowl: Notre Lame
How many embarrassing losses does it take to lose the lucrative contract Notre Dame has for BCS games? This goes to show that it takes more than money to win college football games. What I like most about this game was that it was another top 10 team that Auburn beat embarrassing an overrated media made opponent.

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State Deserves a Shot
Boise State proved to me they can play with the big names in college football. They played with Oklahoma straight up for 58 minutes then only when the game was on the line did they pull out the gadget plays. This outcome was further proof of why we need a more equitable way to decide the national title on the field. Boise State would make a very dangerous opponent in a playoff system and after this year I don’t think anyone would look forward to playing them in that scenario.

Rose Bowl: The Precursor to the BCS Title Game
If this wasn’t the future unfolding than I don’t know what is. USC’s assassination of the “deserved #2” team was a true indication that OSU was vulnerable. It was very obvious that Michigan should’ve been playing Notre Lame in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. Hand it to Pete Carroll too for pilling on the points at the end which shows yet again how classless he is. And what a great leader for the University of Spoiled Children!

Orange Bowl: A Down Year in the ACC
I mostly root for true underdogs and I was happy Wake Forest won the conference title and got to play in the Orange Bowl. However, as the game went on and they wore down it became obvious that 2006 had been a down year in the ACC. With no Miami, FSU, Virginia Tech, NC State, or Virginia wanting the conference title Wake was happy to step up. Louisville was happy to have them too.

Peach Bowl: Virginia Tech Gets Cocky
How else can you explain blowing an 15 point lead on Georgia? Virginia Tech saw Georgia’s two faces up close and personal in 60 minutes. The first half Georgia looked like the team that lost to Vanderbilt. The second half, the team that beat Auburn came to play. I think those Georgia boys have an NFL team waiting in the locker room to pull ‘em out when they need them.

Cotton Bowl: Glad It’s Over
Nebraska fans outnumbered Auburn fans 2-to-1 from what I understand in Dallas. This game just wasn’t appealing and I applaud Tommy and the staff for keeping the kids focused. I also thank Bill Callahan for his boneheaded coaching calls in the first half. We’ll gladly take the win. But I don’t see how AU will replace 4 offensive linemen, beef up its WR core, and replace two starting linebackers to make any meaningful run next year. Enjoy the summer boys.

Enjoy the offseason everyone. It will be shorter than what you think. Recruiting is now in full swing, legally. AU will start spring practice in about six weeks and many others will follow. Before we know it, the media will be proclaiming next year’s champion before even a game is played. Let’s just hope Florida can live up to its billing.

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