Have I complained enough about digital rights management, Bill Gates, and Napster?  Ok we won’t go further.

As I have been attempting to rebuild my Napster library into iTunes… If you’re coming in late, after losing many hours trying to recover hundreds of tracks purchased from Napster (they don’t work anymore because Bill Gates made it so) I’ve decided to give up and import the tracks I have on CD into iTunes.  For one I want to build my workout mix for the fitness quest.  For two I’ve got to get ready for Summer Mix 2008.

Any who, when I first started building mixes on the PC years ago I started with what I phrased the “Beauty Disc”.  I couldn’t come up with another name for what I was doing so that one stuck.  The only reasoning behind the mix is that I was attempting to build a track list with new music from alternative, rock, and pop with some older classics.  Finding the perfect mix from these genres was the goal.  Thus beauty was born.  I will share that I never perfected it.  So here you go, out of the vault, I present Beauty Disc Vol. I minus Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone (for some reason iTunes doesn’t want to include that one):

Update 10/16/2010: I’ve removed most of my mixes from iTunes.  The mix list will be posted here soon.

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