Beauty Two

We feel compelled to post content now that we seem to finally have the site functioning.  Wow, the story we can share about getting this set up… But we’re saving that for a wintry day.  That may be sooner than later with as cold as it has been here in St. Louis.  Although the conditions for the holiday look to be fair.

The beauty of converting the blog over to WordPress has been discovering old posts and reflecting on those stories.  It’s hard to imagine that the site is well over two years old with stories sharing our life and the times.  We often comment and think how fast time goes by.  But when I look back at all the content on the site I pause to really think about that.  Maybe it’s not so much time moving quickly as we cram so many things into our time.  Hmm…

Anyway, we uncovered the Beauty post from April.  We set out to share some mixes of old in that post.  We never got back to it.  So here we are… “Beauty Disc II”.

We weren’t sure how these mixes would evolve and that is certainly evident in this volume.  I can’t recall how it was thrown together other than we were attempting to duplicate the first mix, just with a different set of songs.  Somewhere however some tunes that really weren’t great got shuffled in.  My guess is that I was trying to fill the CD rather than focus on the mix itself.

There are some tunes here though that have turned out to be my favorites.  Something Corporate’s Drunk Girl is a great tune and there are several off of that album that are on my iPod.  Amber Awaits which opens the mix has turned out to be a trusty work out mix tune – great for getting warmed up.  Other noteables include a Police cover by Ra, tunes by Our Lady Peace and Yellowcard, and another Cult tune found its way in.

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