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Breakfast Review: Baker’s Crust

On the west end of Carytown at the corner of Cary and Thompson streets in Richmond is Baker’s Crust.  The concept of the restaurant is like a cross between a Penara Bread and First Watch.  It has that bakery fru-fru thing goin’ on but the breakfast is clean.  Clean in the sense that it comes out on the plate not floating, slathering, or looking as though it just came off a baseball field from a Peanuts cartoon.

If you’re seeking a quiet place to enjoy your paper, check in on Facebook from your mobile, or just allow your head to soothe after a long Friday evening, we recommend this place.  It was virtually empty with only a scattered couple or two tucked into corners.  By the time I walked out close to 9, there were only a few more tables sat.

By the way, given the tile floor and expansive space of the dining area, I’m sure when this place is full it is also noisy.  Don’t hold me to the quiet thing if you stroll in later in the morning.

The breakfast menu is pretty simple with few options.  Given that most restaurants these days have a thousand things to chose from, this is actually a good thing to me.  The last thing I want to do for breakfast is have a hard time deciding.  There is just the right balance of items from light to heavy, from eggs to granola to make just about anyone happy.

Omelet at Baker's Crust Richmond Virginia

I hit the California omelet this morning.  I’ve been craving a southwestern style breakfast since coming to Richmond earlier this year.  So this selection was right over the plate.  The omelet contained typical ingredients like spinach and such.  The eggs were “don’t squeeze the Charmin” fluffy and light.  However it was the avocado, pico, and Muenster cheese that really set it off.

To describe the taste I can only think of a good sweet and sour cocktail mix.  You know it when you find one that is perfectly balanced.  The California omelet at Baker’s Crust balances the heat and bite of the pico with the richness of the avocado and Muenster.  It probably has to be the most unique omelet I’ve had.

Ah and the potatoes.  Finally breakfast potatoes in Richmond that are uniform in color, texture, doneness, and most importantly crispy without the oil.  My mouth is watering just at the thought.  As you can tell from the picture, the potatoes are not hash browns, but cubes with a hint of seasoning not over salted.

Baker's Crust coffee mug Richmond Virginia

There’s nothing out of this world to mention about the coffee.  It was ordinary.  But major props go out to the mug.  Yea, the mug.  Isn’t a big part of the breakfast experience the mug?  It comes before the meal.  It keeps the coffee hot.  It has a unique feel against your lips.  It carries the aroma to your face.  The caress of the handle in your hand… It tantalizes your senses before the meal, in most cases before a meal choice is made.  The mug.  Baker’s Crust gives good mug.

On the service front, it was a little slow.  I think my server was more interested in getting his own breakfast in back.  He certainly took my order promptly, brought me coffee, brought out a hot breakfast, etc.  He just forgot to give me a fork then disappeared.  Once I got my fork he left me alone to my devices.  No big whoop and really no big complaints.

And we have no real complaints of our first visit to Baker’s Crust.  As a matter of fact it was a pleasurable visit and we look forward to our next visit.  The restaurant is clean and orderly.  The food was clean, orderly, and tasted great.  I got out for under $14 with tip, a good value from my perspective given the experience.

LAN Breakfast Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

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