The Interior of Fort Sumter During the Bombardment

August 17

Like we needed a reason to pop open a bottle of Chimay this evening we certainly turn our attention to the brave men and women who pushed the Nazis out of Sicily.  Today marks the day that the Nazis gave up the fight in Sicily and escaped to Italy giving the Allies literally a toe hold on Europe.

Maybe more obscure but just as significant are the men of the 8th Air Force.  376 B-17’s raided the ball-bearing plants at Schweinfurt and the Messerschmitt fighter works at Regensburg today in 1943.  80 aircraft with 10 crew were lost.  Lets raise a glass to those gentlemen who did the unthinkable: conquering absolute fear in sub zero atmosphere to “do their job”.  We remember.

Also of interest on today:

  • Union ships bombarded Fort Sumter, South Carolina for the first time in 1863.
  • Happy Birthday Davy Crockett (born 1786).
  • In 1973 Willie Mays hits his 660th and final home run.
  • In 1969 Hurricane Camille slammed the Gulf Cost killing 256 people.

Salut!  Enjoy your week.  Only two more until Labor Day!

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