And now the Second Half of the Season

I feel compelled to write this morning to break this week’s routine and hopefully bring some better mojo to my Tigers. Last weekend’s flat out embarrassing performance is well documented and I’ll ask each one of you to download “Don’t Believe the Hype” from your favorite mp3 site. I hate it when I’m right sometimes.

This weekend officially kicks off the part of the season that basically is… cook and eat all the BBQ you can and numb the senses with bourbon to soften the blows of unexpected game outcomes. So here’s to the real season… clink.

Which reminds me of this weekend’s match up and my best AU/UF memory is certainly 1993. You may not be aware of the Auburn Florida rivalry. Yep there was one before the SEC went to two divisions and 8 conference games. Auburn had to give up two annual games when that happened and Florida was one of them. But in 1993 Steve Spurrier came to town, was a heavy favorite and lost to the Tigers who went undefeated under Buster Brown. Calvin Jackson’s 96 yard interception for a touchdown is still one of my favorite all time Auburn plays and memories.

That game is also special in memory because my life long friend Dan came up for the game. Dan was a student at UF at the time (now an alum) and came up to party the weekend and see his Gators bring us back down to reality. I hosted a kegger for him. He brought up a frat buddy and I remember those Gators passed out my bedroom floor when I showed up after work with the party. They got into the keg long before I got off of work and didn’t quite make it.

One of my friends from work, Jo the typical southern beauty (there are many in Auburn), came in the bedroom, saw those two Gators, and begin taunting them as she kicked, poked, and prodded them awake. They reluctantly came to life but never recovered as AU went on to win the game the very next day and Dan and his friend had a very long drive home. It was an awesome weekend though and one of only a few where either friend or family came to visit me at school.

Which reminds me of yet another great adventure with Dan in 1989… It was the end of both our freshman years at college and I was to spend the summer with my mother in Miami. Dan came up to keep me company for the drive and we had a little stop over in Panama City Beach. With only $60 in cash between us, three cases of beer, and my mom’s Exxon gas card we loaded up my ’73 Buick Regal and did what only college freshmen know how to do, go on a “mission from God.” Since Mom reads this blog and is probably still sore at getting the Exxon bill I shan’t elaborate further.

Now for a complete change of subject…

The family and I did manage to have some fun last weekend. We attended the US Women’s National Team match with Iceland in Richmond. This was our third time seeing this team within the past year and we are hooked. I’m not entirely sure what Hale makes of it but Taylor watches intently. We all do. In case you don’t follow the team they are currently ranked #2 in the world by FIFA. They will qualify for the World Cup in November and if I have the time, money, and passports I am considering the trip to China as the US will be one of the favorites.

Speaking of soccer and the second half, our Jazz team starts their second half tomorrow. Although we are 0-4 in league play, it’s been a good first half. The girls have progressed nicely and have been competitive in every game. Our last match, which was a friendly we lost three goals to four, was our best on the attack to date. We put almost 20 shots on goal. We just didn’t finish. So we’ve worked on that as well as defense and I’m expecting another close match tomorrow and again on Sunday.

One last item this morning before I have to hop on the phone with yet another recruiter… Timmay, I understand why you like the Warehouse. Sweet tune!

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