A Virginia DMB Weekend

First off, you gotta love YouTube.

Secondly, Panovec wrote a good recap of the weekend too.  So be sure to check that out.

Thirdly… DMB rocks.

All the girls flew in last Thursday 8/6 for a week in the Commonwealth.  It was the kids first time back in two years.  All were eager to see things changed, changing, and the unchanged.  For the most part they saw a world in constant change here in Virginia.  Buddies are growing.  Restaurants are new.  Favorite stores are gone.  Fond memories remain.

The kids headed to Waynesboro to check in with their buddies.  Tracey and I had DMB on the brain with tickets to both shows in Virginia Beach and Nissan Pavilion.   Many thanks and hats off to our friends in Waynesboro that hosted the kids.  It was a much needed break for them with their old friends.  They will remember the weekend for a long time.

On to the DMB…

oysters at chic's virginia beach We headed down to the Beach Friday morning after what is now being called the “Hair Clip Incident” (a blog post written and vaulted for 10 years – mark your calendar).  The original plan was to meet up at Chic’s in Virginia Beach for food and libations mid-afternoon.  Somehow, and even getting caught in the tunnel traffic on I-64 for 40+ minutes, we managed to beat the Charlotte party to the restaurant.  Tracey and I were wondering what the weekend had in store for us when our young tan and blond server brought me a glass of water and Tracey the Corona when we ordered those x2.  She then asked us if we wanted an appetizer about 3 minutes after we ordered a pound of steamed shrimp.  Guess you had to be there.

The Charlotte team made a request via cell phone, “meet us at Rudee’s!”  Traffic and timing were a problem.  So off we went down to a part of the Beach we were unfamiliar with.  Thank goodness for GPS navigation.  Google maps on the cell phone is a nice redundant system too.  (Boy, that sounds geek doesn’t it?)

Complaints of traffic soon turned to cries of joy as we went down on some fresh flounder sitting in a smooth glider yacht-side.  Although it was humid, the water breezes made it the perfect place to hang out.  Rudee’s has a fantastic waterside dining and bar area in addition to their restaurant (be sure to check out the “deck cam” on their web site).

Hark, the cell phone rings again.  It’s the Charlotte crew: “hey we’re stuck in traffic and going to the park next to the venue for tailgating.”  We had their tickets and ordered another ice cold Corona.  Then it hit me.  “Do you guys have cool t-shirts?”, I asked the server.  I had to get a shirt “just to let ’em know.”  Other than it being Texas orange, it is nice.

Then it hit us again, “hey how far away are we from the venue?”, I asked our server.  She didn’t know but did seek support from a team mate (gotta love team work).  The question was passed and we heard probably the best quote we’ve heard in years.  After clarifying who the band was playing at the venue server #2 exclaimed: “S*&% you better leave now.  That’s Dave M&%$#@ F!@#’in Matthews!”

Remember that scene from Forest Gump when Gump realizes he doesn’t need to take the bus to Jenny’s apartment?  “It was nice meeting you,” he said as he sprung from the bus bench.  That was Tracey and I getting out of Rudee’s to head to the venue.

two step dave matthews band virginia beach 2009 The four of us sat together in Virginia Beach.  The tickets at Nissan were separated.  Both shows were awesome.  There is no doubt after seeing DMB for the 4th time this year, the new songs are really starting to come alive live.  The band feels more comfortable with them than they did in April and June.  The crowd is hanging on every note and knows every word.  You can also now tell the difference between a newer DMB fan and the older ones.  Not in age, but the lyrics belted out from the crowd and the excitement when a rare tune gets played.

So both shows were great.  Personally I was somewhat disappointed that the Nissan set list was about 75% of the previous evening’s at Virginia Beach.  Never the less they both were memorable.  Here are a couple of the highlights:

  • The Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill cover on 8/7 was a complete surprise and total treat.
  • Server #2 at Rudee’s would’ve totally appreciated Jimi Thing in Virginia Beach given her quote.  It certainly had the sold out crowd “shakin’ their…” uh, ice.
  • We heard Gravedigger live for the first time on Friday.
  • As Panovec already pointed out Lying in the Hands of God (from 8/7) is a great live tune as it’s played with nice mellow jazzy tones and extended sax solo.
  • I’ll Back You Up and Raven were first time plays on the summer tour and also our first time ever hearing them live on Saturday.
  • #41 is a DMB favorite.  We heard it for the first time and a 22+minute version at that on Saturday.  Amazing interaction between Carter and Jeff!
  • Dancing Nancies is always a great tune!
  • All Along the Watchtower… Need we say more with the Led Zep tie-in.  Incredible way to end the show on Saturday.

A highlight video of the Virginia Beach show is up on YouTube.  My blackberry pics are below.  The video embedded in the post (above) is the actual Along the Watchtower performance from Saturday.

The rest of the week after DMB was nice.  Tracey and I headed to the ‘Boro on Sunday, grabbed the kids and had a relaxing dinner with friends.  After sleeping over and in on Monday, we joined John at the Beverley for a burger.  John and Nancy have a great store in Staunton.  The new Ty Pennington stuff is really cool – make sure you buy it from Arthur’s!  We came back into Richmond for an Italian dinner Monday.  Tuesday we spent driving along the James River and visiting the 1600’s plantations.

It was certainly sad to see the girls go.  We have some light interest in the house and are burning candles.  The house will go back on the market next month.  Hopefully we can sell it soon and get everyone permanently back in Virginia.  A trip to the Lou is on the horizon.

Enjoy the DMB everyone!

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