A Quickie

Just a quick post this morning… We made the move.  All four cats are alive and safe.  The family too.  It’s been a haul and we still have a week left.

The packers arrived on schedule and packed our stuff in about four hours on Thursday.  The driver arrived a day early and came to the house that afternoon to get started.  He loaded about half the house onto his truck by himself that day and on Friday morning when he had help he was driving away around 11am.  In just a little over 24 hours, seven years was on a truck headed west.

The move hasn’t been without its curves.  Before leaving us on Friday, our driver had informed us that he had been rerouted and our things wouldn’t be delivered until this Friday rather than tomorrow.  With me having to be out of the apartment on Wednesday, we have to hold up in a hotel for two nights to wait for our things.

The kitties were going to live in the house before we did except when we arrived to the house it wasn’t as finished as expected.  The hardwood guys were two days late so the fumes in the house alone could have killed us.  Aside from that the basement area where we had planned to bunker the kitties wasn’t clean.  So the kitties are at a “pet resort” living the high life for the week.

The house is looking good but isn’t finished.  The carpet has been one calamity after another.  I won’t give all the detail but the punch line is that the lower level is awaiting carpet installation once the carpet is shipped in (which is supposed to be today).  There are some touch ups here and there with paint, clean up, patch up, light bulbs, window hardware, etc.  I guess its a good thing our stuff isn’t arriving tomorrow.

As you can tell – lots of moving parts.

But we’re here.  We shed some tears leaving Virginia.  Tracey and I each vowed we would be back.  To Waynesboro?  Who knows?  Certainly nestled in some hills some where.

We had a wonderful evening with the Artley’s.  I thought of writing a BBQ review for the Artley Ranch, but just trust me that the experience was “4 Butts”.  Cheers, Artley’s!  Here’s to missing you guys already!

And to missing all the others we’ve met along the way.

Time to start another week.  Too many work things happening.  Too many home things happening.  But one thing awaits me on the other end…  My Weber!

Have a good week ya’ll.

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