2012 Posting But Mixing

Summer mix is inspired by blues music.Like the best meatballs at a New Year’s Eve party, I’m late to 2012 with a blog  posting and update. You’ll be pleased to learn however that the Summer Mix is in the works.  It even looks as though the official contest from 2006 may return.

Of course we’ll smoke it.

If you’ve been on the Face Book’ems you’ve seen a few teasers; Kansas City, female vocalists, and New Orleans’ roots will all be featured. There’s no suspense as this year’s theme takes on a blues tone. There’s still hope for a pop version though. Justin Bieber called and ordered Starbucks. I reserved a table for two.

I haven’t figured out the formula for a perfect Summer Mix. Let’s face it, Panovec has killed the competition.  He has more iTunes cloud than Kim Kardashian has… eh-um.

In the early years of competition I focused on warm breezes and palm trees.  Eventually the Mix became a playlist for my mood at the time. Life changes dictated the playlist.

This year we’re trying to combine a few of the elements: warm breezes + “I don’t give a damn what you think”. I think it will lean towards the later.  I tend to favor Thomas Jefferson’s view of the universe.

If you have a suggestion for the mix let us know. If not, thank a teacher. Regardless we’ll be unveiling our Mix before your Memorial Day vacation.

Stay tuned…


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