Memorial Day Wishes

I feel honored today that our neighbor asked me to hang her flag this morning.  It hasn’t been flown since her husband passed away two years ago.  Her husband was a Navy yeoman who served in the South Pacific in WWII.  She referred to him as her “sailor boy” with a gleam in her eye as she reviewed my handy work.

We read every day that the “greatest generation” is leaving us in record numbers, 1,000 a day by some counts.  Their stories go with them and the countless others from Korea, Vietnam, and those being taken early in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is why we celebrate Memorial Day, not just to remember the sacrifice but to give praise and thanks to those who took up the cause to fight.

Tend to your BBQs, bask in the sun, consume your favorite lager, and enjoy your families today.  Celebrate the freedoms we have and at some point take pause to remember those men and women who paid the price.  Don’t let their stories fall silent.

Memorial Day wishes to all…

From CBS Sunday morning…

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