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Rising In 2013

It’s as good of a time as any to get a post up as we await the start of the 2013 football season. Tonight our beloved Auburn Tigers host a team from the PAC-10 conference. I have no idea what kind of team Washington State will bring tonight, nor Auburn for that matter. It should be a cat fight between Cougars and Tigers as both teams seem to have plenty of holes to fill.

Hale and I plan to watch the game with Auburn folks. The local Auburn club will be getting together at a pub on the west side of town. It will be our first time going to a club event in Richmond since 2009.

Auburn TailgateHale pointed out last weekend that the start of the season was today. So this week we’ve been remembering some of our favorite Auburn moments of the last decade or so. Of course taking Hale to her first football game on the Plains is one memory at the top of the list.

Hale couldn’t have been more than a kindergartener. I can’t remember the year. Neither can she. But I do remember she was quite the trooper walking the campus for two days straight. She took a little nap in Jordan Hare during the game but looked the part in her Auburn gear and pawed up face paint.

So some of our favorite Auburn moments of the last decade or so:

1)  Jason Campbell shedding a giant monkey in 2004 vs. LSU. I’ll never forget the moment Jason Campbell converted a long 4th down play to keep Auburn alive in 2004 hosting LSU. Auburn would go on to beat LSU with a Campbell TD pass and then finish with an undefeated season.

2) If you’re a Volunteer, please rise and exit the stadium. Same year, 2004. 100k+ Tennessee fans rose and headed to their cars in the 3rd quarter at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville as Auburn scored to put the game out of reach. Another big win in 2004.

3) Orange and Blue over Tuscaloosa. I wasn’t at this game but remember seeing the picture of a perfect sunset over “what’s that stadium name” in Tuscaloosa in 2010 after Cam Newton led one of the most remarkable come backs in college football history to send the bammers home in tears.

4) “It’s gonna be Rudi time.” Rudi Johnson turned a 4th and short play into a 42 yard TD run in Oxford, Mississippi in 2000. I watched the game in a bar in Nashville on a business trip. My heart literally leapt from my chest.

5) Taylor’s first game in Auburn also tops the list. That game I remember well. Auburn hosted USC. What a game that could have been but our offense was sluggish and we just couldn’t get the scoring machine in gear. Wonderful tailgating though with family! And the USC fans were great too.

Well, time to get dressed for our game.We wonder what Auburn memories the 2013 season has in store for us. I’m sure there will be ups and downs. We’ll take from it what we wish!

Happy New Year, football year that is, to everyone. Regardless of your team, we wish everyone a fruitful season (unless you have elephants printed on your property).

War Eagle!




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