Seed Hound

I’ve been bustling around today doing odds and ends around the house.  I went to the bedroom to grab some laundry and noticed our friendly neighborhood squirrel.  This crazy coot has figured out how to get the bird seed.  So much for the peanuts I put out just for him.  He wants the ground sunflower seed.

Squirrel on bird feeder

He spots me taking pictures but has no fear…

Squirrel on bird feeder

It’s a fine balancing act…

Squirrel on bird feeder

He readies for the feast…

Squirrel on bird feeder

Notice as he contorts his body he hangs from his hind legs.  It was amazing to watch for some 10 minutes.  Eventually he tired.  He would eat for several seconds then lose his balance and fall to the deck banister.  Scratch himself.  Then hop back up to the top of the hanger and do it again.

I placed some more peanuts out for him but by the time I got out to the deck he had run off, having his fill of the afternoon snack.

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